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Why River Women are the Business

– Written By Brittany Parker Women can be their own worst enemy sometimes; allowing society to put them in a box of how they should look & act. I’ve met many who think their appearance or attractiveness defines them and is a major contributor to their success. Although the latter, in some cases, may be […]

River Surfing Guidelines for the Ocean Surfer

What if I told you in many parts of the country and world there are waves that never end? They go on and on, you can surf all day, the locals are friendly, and the biggest fish you’ll encounter are the size of your forearm. Sounds perfect right? Now, what if I told you they […]

I Refuse to be Good for a Girl

On a car ride to surf the glacial Kananaskis river in the Canadian Rockies my friend Tristan asked “ Why do you think women aren’t doing airs in surfing?” I’m not super versed in ocean surfing, I’ve done it a handful of times and although I love it I tend to stick to my inland […]

Adventures of BP: Costa Rica Living

I wrote this short essay about my experience in Costa Rica quite some time ago. I had written it in hopes of getting it published. I sent out many submissions and only heard back from one telling me it wasn’t really their style. This is a piece I still really love despite its underwhelming response. […]

Adventures of BP: Japan SUP Tour

Just a month ago I was on the other side of the world, exploring the small but thriving country of Japan. I reflect on my time there often, whenever I’m feeling like I need some grounding it brings me back to my center. Japan was never high on my list of places to visit. I […]