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The Ultimate Surfer’s Guide to BSR Surf Resort

Traveling to Texas, I knew there was one thing I would have to work in if the chance ever presented itself, and that was to make the pilgrimage to Waco to visit the BSR Surf Resort. The park was recently re-opened after the changing of the filtration system due to the tragic death of a […]

Adventures of BP: Costa Rica Living

I wrote this short essay about my experience in Costa Rica quite some time ago. I had written it in hopes of getting it published. I sent out many submissions and only heard back from one telling me it wasn’t really their style. This is a piece I still really love despite its underwhelming response. […]

Diamond Head & Koko Head Hike

Hey guys, it’s Brie checking in from Oahu! I just moved here from Florida and couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. The scenery is killer, the people are awesome, and the food is on point!? To kickstart my adventuring in Hawaii, I decided to do my first hike at Diamond Head, a […]