Coronavirus: Which Florida Beaches are open?

Updated 5/21/20

While more closures are coming every day across Florida due to the spreading of the Coronavirus (COViD-19), many of us surfers are trying to figure out where we can find some solitude in the ocean.

Earlier this week Governor Ron DeSantis put forth a 10-person gathering limit on groups, and also recommended practicing safe social distancing of 6 feet.

Any beaches that have closed since that day have been solely up to the different counties within the state of Florida. This has been especially confusing, because at some beaches you run the chance of having a run-in with the boys in blue, and just down the road, you can surf with no issue.

Beaches with Limited or No Access


  • Palm Beach County – OPEN, rules vary from beach to beach
  • Delray Beach – OPEN – swimming/walking only. No surfing.
  • Boca Raton – OPEN (no restrictions), beach parks closed
  • Broward County – CLOSED
  • Ft. Lauderdale Beach – CLOSED from Harbor Drive N to Oakland Park Blvd thru April 12th
  • Lauderdale-by-the-Sea – CLOSED as of March 18th
  • Pompano Beach – CLOSED as of March 18th
  • Deerfield Beach – CLOSED as of March 18th
  • Dania Beach – CLOSED as of March 17th
  • Hallandale Beach – CLOSED as of March 17th
  • Hollywood – CLOSED as of March 17th
  • Miami-Dade – CLOSED
  • South Beach – CLOSED


  • Ft Pierce Inlet – OPEN – 50% Capacity
  • Public Beaches – OPEN


  • Brevard County – OPEN
  • RC’s – OPEN
  • Sebastian Inlet – OPEN


  • New Smyrna Beach – OPEN
  • Volusia County – OPEN
  • Flagler County – OPEN
  • Jax Beach – OPEN


  • Pinellas County – OPEN
  • Clearwater Beach – OPEN
  • Hillsborough County – SOME CLOSURES, mostly OPEN
  • Manatee County – OPEM
  • Sarasota County – OPEN
  • Lee County – OPEN
  • Fort Myers – OPEN
  • Collier County – OPEN, some restrictions

Where to surf during Coronavirus in Florida

We’re not saying that you should go out for a surf during this time of uncertainty, but if you absolutely must get out of the house it looks like the place to go is NORTH.

The good news is that beaches up north will be easier to socially distance yourself with generally lower populations both in and out of the water. You’ll also be able to get in some vital nutrients from the sun and soak in some minerals from the ocean.

Just remember that if you do decide to escape the house to follow the CDC guidelines for stopping transmission of COViD-19 and most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS.

We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available, so be sure to check back if you’re looking to get wet.

Update 3/27/20 – as of right now all state parks are closed to beachgoers. The only places that remain open are in Brevard & Volusia counties, however beach parking remains closed.

Update 4/5/20 – with the influx of people going to the only available beaches in Brevard it appears that they have decided to shut down the most easily accessible spots. The beaches that are open keep dwindling by the day. If only surfing was looked at in the same way that going for a run, riding bikes, strolling on the sidewalk…..

Update 4/17/20 – It appears that some coastal communities are starting to think about reopening beaches for exercise use, which is good for surfers. Time will tell how long that takes to trickle down the coast though!

Update 5/1 – St Lucie county beaches are open with keeping social distancing in mind. Martin county aims to open on Monday May 4th, as well as all Florida State Parks. Keep in mind they will be watching to see if people can be safe distanced. Let’s not end up like OC in California!!

Update 5/21 – Most counties have begun to open up beaches, however some are giving control to cities to implement rules as they see fit. As such, rules have varied greatly and some have not made the most sense. Recently Delray Beach has taken scrutiny from the local surf community for opening beaches for walking and swimming, but not surfing – attracting attention from Kelly Slater & the surfing world that followed.

Many places that were less effected are open for all activities as long as people use correct social distancing methods. Boca has begun being mobbed by residents of nearby counties, becoming the most full we’ve seen ever, beating out the most crowded summer days.



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