Kelly Slater Wave Pool Coming to Palm Beach???

The wave pool that shattered the internet upon its unveiling by Kelly Slater is once again making waves, and this time it’s in his home state of Florida. A filing was created today for the creation of a surf ranch on an 80-acre parcel within the Palm Beach Park of Commerce. Located due west of the main populous, this could be an ideal location for the approval of the park. The first zoning hearing will be on March 23rd with the city commission to work on amending the county’s “planned industrial park” regulations which deter companies from creating large scale commercial facilities.

What could a wave pool created by the Kelly Slater Wave Co, and backed by the World Surf League (WSL) mean for Florida? This could be a great way to create more world champions from Florida, or put Florida on the map as a WSL Tour stop in the future! One thing is for sure, summers won’t be flat for long in Florida! While it is too soon to get excited about the wave pool due to the many city regulations it’ll have to overcome, the mere thought of Florida having a 6 foot perfect wave in the near future is mouth watering in an area that is plagued by 3 foot chop or mush for a majority of the year.



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