March begins in stellar fashion

March begins with some exciting weather phenomena going on in the North Atlantic. A huge hurricane force Low has moved off of the coast, and is set to bring us potentially good waves towards the middle of the week.

Before that comes however, we are still dealing with a couple of cold fronts that are moving through the region, delivering some favorable conditions at the right times.

Missy and myself cruised up to fort pierce to surf a couple of waves from a low pressure system that came through, and ended up scoring a nice little 2-3-4ft Swell.

The waves were mostly rights at the sandbar we postitioned ourself at, but there were a couple of against the grain lefts that I was sneaking into. A couple even led into some nice little barrels as an added bonus.

It was a little bit inconsistent for the short board, but long boarders were having the time of their lives. There was also a bit of a crowd factor, which I did my best to avoid.

Overall it was not a bad day in the water. Luckily the shark migration hadn’t made it that far north yet, but there was still an ample amount of spinner sharks flying out.

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