Higher Tides was born from the ocean, but our surf lifestyle doesn’t stop where the land meets the sea. We see waves in everything we do – cruising down the sidewalk, shredding at the skate park, or doing simple everyday things. We reflect a surf anything movement, where it doesn’t matter if you have wheels, fins, a board, or just your body, so long as you’re having a blast doing your thing.

While only being formally founded in 2016, we have been living this type lifestyle for the better part of 20 years. Our laid back approach and hand drawn graphics focus on design, style, and originality and feature our love for the world around us. We hope to bring you new and exciting forms of product to help you express yourself to the people around you on your own adventures, all while making a minimal impact on our environment. You can come here to read about our latest adventures, or just find something to take along with you on your journey through life.

Ryan Heigel


Ryan is an all-around waterman who grew up on the coast of South Florida. When not in the water surfing whatever he can get his hands on, he is creating artwork or traveling the world searching for new venues of inspiration.

Brittany Parker
Adventure Blogger

Brittany Parker is a mountain girl from Colorado who has been growing the River Surfing community across the USA for the past few years. She is an all-around adventurer and one of our favorite writers and Social Media experts!

Ashley Stanco
Brand Ambassador

Ashley, originally from Long Island N.Y., has always been a beach bum. Although she has yet to catch a wave, she is in love with the ocean and is a bikini enthusiast. She lives to travel and dreams to catch the best surf videos along the way.

Missy Turco

Missy is stoked on life! While always on the search for the best longboard-friendly wave, she loves to draw and paint on a daily basis, obtaining her inspiration from the ocean. Surfing is a major part of Missy's life, as it is her (and most surfers) escape from reality. "There's no other feeling like it," she says, "something about sitting out in the lineup when it's calm, staring at the horizon, and patiently waiting for the next set to roll through. That time between sets is magical."

Hayley Suraci

Hayley has always been in love with the water whether it be salty or chlorinated. She plays water polo and has a determination to be able to catch a wave one day. Art is her passion; she studies Art History and works in ceramic sculpture.


Trevor Vonkampen

Living in New York, Trevor spends more time in a 5 mil wetsuit than most do in boardshorts. Between long hours in the kitchen and chasing waves in NY,he gets to Florida as much as possible to catch a swell and grab a beer in boardshorts.

Brie Cantalupo

-Aspiring acai bowl connoisseur
-Always in search of fun waves and hikes with good people in cool places
-Just trying to spread a little love and have some fun along the way


Janet Rozo

Janet has always enjoyed starting her day with a beautiful sunrise. She's always on the chase for the best waves around. Traveling and capturing the beauty of the places she visits with her photography has been a long-standing passion of hers. "Life is short and I believe in enjoying every second we have!"