Refracto Magico Jan 18, 2018

Do the waves ever stop coming this year? Anybody getting surfed out? We surely aren’t after waiting for the past five years for a good winter!!!

The Mad Dash for Waves

I was able to make it out just before dark today for a 30 minute surf heat. Just enough time to grab a couple tubes before the sun fell below the horizon. It looked like it was fun all day today based on how our friends over at Slave to the Wave did this morning. I should have woken up!!! This evening did do a classic little glass-off with the winds clocking around to a light offshore, and there were some serious little chest high+ barrels to tuck into if you had some knowledge of what the sandbars have been up to lately at our favorite spot. The higher tide also gave it a little more water to break on so they weren’t closing out or sectioning off as much as they were this afternoon with the North wind.

Tomorrow’s Wave Forecast – Fun (COLD) Leftovers?

With a little luck we should see some good leftovers tomorrow morning (and COLD at 40 degrees) with a chance of some NW winds, but you didn’t hear that from me. See ya in the lineup!

Against the grain right with nobody in positionNo shoulder hoppers allowed!A surfer drops in at Palm Beach County, FLNavigating safety cones out in the lineupEmpty barrel passing by in South FloridaUnknown surfer looks for the doggy door in South FloridaCold winter barrels for South FloridaNot every wave can be perfect in South Florida!Dropping in on an end section in cold Florida weatherFins Free in Palm Beach CountyTrying to stand out from the crowd of Florida SurfersPlenty of waves on tap - South FloridaMini waves to surf in Boca Raton, FLSurfing in Boca Raton, FL - Toes to the Nose!Knee high surf in Boca Raton



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