South Beach SCORES epic surf, and so does everyone else

South Beach Swell Super Tubes 2019

For once, the surf world did not converge on South Beach to surf this past week. Reason being that those without past experience didn’t even see it coming.

South Beach started the day out with about thigh to waist high surf, but by 11am the tide had begun to push in and funnel in the swell that low tide had been blocking from coming in. If you know how South Beach works, then you know that by the time you can see it on the cams it’s already too late.

As soon as the tide came in South Beach began to go Nuclear. Surf rose quickly into the 8 foot range with perfect conditions coming together for an amazing few hours of tubes, with only the locals (and a couple of pros) out. By the time nightfall came you wouldn’t even know that it had been a historic day of surf.

South Florida Surf Spot Checks

If you weren’t lucky enough to pre-call the conditions at Sobe, then you likely got what the rest of us ‘settled’ for. Fun surf in the head high range with offshore winds for a solid two days.

If you knew where to be at the right times, then chances are that you got our fair share of tube time as well – which we can definitely see from some of the shots submitted by the photographers below!

These shots are from local spots I got around to checking before and after the 9-5, and it was definitely a hard call choosing which spots to surf at. But overall I made the right choices for conditions and tide ranges when I went out.

South Palm Beach County Surf

I met up with Janet (@jr9lives) at the spots below for a super fun early morning session. Waves were in the head high + range on Tuesday. I actually missed the surf when it really pumped the day before, but was lucky enough to get some evening leftovers and this surf.

South Beach Surf Round 1

The main event was down in South Beach, with surfers scoring some of the best barrels that Florida can get when this wave is on. Renee (@b_uphotography) was definitely in the right place at the right time, scoring some great images of plenty of surfers, including Florida pro Evan Geiselman. You may have seen a couple of these on Instagram – they’ve been in my feed daily from re-shares!

South Beach Surf Round 2

Super excited to see the South Beach surf from a different angle courtesy of Lauren (@smashitup11)! She nabbed some super cool shots with the drone that you’ll see below. Definitely gives you an idea of the size and how shallow the water is that these waves were breaking in.

Surf Spots Around Broward/Treasure Coast

I have a feeling Jake (@jakewub) scored quite a few barrels on this swell. A couple of his shots look like spots I may have checked, but it looks like he might have caught them a bit better than when I had looked. He’s always on it with the cam and the drone, so be sure to give him a follow!

Magic Windows of Surf Up & Down the Coast

Christian (@christianoehmke) was on it for this swell up and down the coastline, and it definitely shows. He just released a sweet edit featuring Evan Geiselman down in South Beach surfing monster tubes as well.

South Beach Surf of the Decade

South Beach definitely scored some great surf, as captured below by Tony (@tonygatelyphotography). I think I may even spy and Island Water Sports team rider down there!

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