Surf Report – Jan 17th South Florida

I had been watching the waves since dawn due to the fact that I had to be up to go be a witness in court by 8am. The higher tide this morning had put a major hurting on any chance of waves while the sun was rising. I believe high tide was right around 8am, meaning low tide would be between 2-2:30pm locally. The major plus for today was that the winds clocked around to a light offshore until about mid-day.

Check Surf? Might As Well.

After a long half day in court I decided to swing by a couple of beaches since they were on the way to the office and I was already late anyways. I had been checking some surf cams up near West Palm Beach, where I was located, and it looked like there was still plenty of swell in the water as the higher tide had gone down to a mid low. Sets looked to be about 3-4ft and semi-clean up there.

Pumping waves & minimal crowd

Making my way south, I stopped at one of my local stomping grounds and found some really fun waves coming through now that less water was on the sandbar. Waves looked to be coming in at about the waist high zone, and were peeling with the offshore wind. It wasn’t even sectioning off! I hopped down to the sand to grab a few shots (posted below). Long boarders were landing rides from the reef on the outside all the way to the shore. Everyone was taking turns and the crowd was very thin. I don’t think anyone thought it’d be on today!

Let’s check the homebreak

Leaving that wave I decided to check one more spot closer to home, which also yielded great results. I came upon one of my home surf breaks with nobody out, and a pristine wave coming through every few minutes (see final photo). Overall it was a great day of waves for a brief period in the afternoon. Once the high tide filled back in we went to good ole flat once again. Good news is it looks like we should have waves through the weekend, and the Florida Pro up at Sebastian Inlet if you don’t mind making the drive.see ya in the lineup! -SurfTurkeyWaist High Sliders with 2 surfers outA few surfers out on a great afternoon in Palm Beach CountyPerfect Lines for the Longboard in South FloridaSliders for everyone in Palm Beach CountySurfer Waiting Out the back in Palm Beach CountyPalm Beach County Surf - No TakersPalm Beach County PeelersBoca Raton Inlet Surf

Thigh high and nobody out. Would you go?



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