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Following up on our earlier post Escaping Summertime Flatness…..

These summer months bring nothing but flatness and humidity down in southern Florida, this post is to give you a little glimpse into how to efficiently escape these muggy months and find your perfect swell! The following article includes some surf travel tips that might make your summer excursion go a bit smoother.


LOCATION: Check for the cheapest airline tickets using sites such as http://www.cheapoair.com




Once the location is decided lets think packing..

Warm or cold? This will decide if a wetsuit is needed; jackets, cozy sweaters, and beanies are a definite must if it’s a little bit chiller. As for warmer weather, which means board shorts on board shorts. I highly recommend investing in some good flip flops for scorching sand and pavement means a little less barefoot and a little more shoe. Plus who doesn’t love some new shoes?! Once you’ve set a location and checked the forecast/ water temperature, be sure to pack accordingly!


Now we gotta think boards, proper board equipment is a must, as well as wax and any other gear you find essential.

Recommendations: get all wax off the board before travel, as well as fins (if possible). USA TODAY put together a great article about how to travel with a surfboard in detail, click here!

Moving on…

List of must beach must-haves:

  • Sunscreen
  • Rash Guard/wetsuit (depends on your preference)
  • Beach Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Snacks
  • Money money money (better safe than sorry)
  • Charger (also plug adaptor if you find yourself abroad)
  • Ding Repair Kit

Lastly, figure out your schedule when you’re at the destination. Know what forms of transportation you are going to use (rent a car, buy a bus pass). Using some sites below will help you connect with people living in your travel destination or just give you some insight for the best travel opportunities!

http://www.triptease.com -for the best pricing on hotels, etc.

https://www.homestay.com -for experiencing the land as locals do

http://seat61.com -this site is the ideal way to find alternative ways of transportation

http://www.responsibletravel.com– now this ones my favorite! This site finds travel packages that are environmentally conscious, so eco-cool!


One last tip, have fun, be prepared, and keep paddling!!!


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