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Adventures of BP: Costa Rica Living

I wrote this short essay about my experience in Costa Rica quite some time ago. I had written it in hopes of getting it published. I sent out many submissions and only heard back from one telling me it wasn’t really their style. This is a piece I still really love despite its underwhelming response. […]

Mid-Summer Feels

  Here are some images to get your inspiration flowing. Maybe even encourage you to get to the beach and catch some rays or finish that art project you’ve been neglecting (ya, i’ve been there). Alsooooo….to keep the inspiration flowing here’s a good vibes playlist for you as you get to whatever you’re up to […]

Higher Tides Surf Travel Tips

Following up on our earlier post Escaping Summertime Flatness….. These summer months bring nothing but flatness and humidity down in southern Florida, this post is to give you a little glimpse into how to efficiently escape these muggy months and find your perfect swell! The following article includes some surf travel tips that might make […]