The Ridge Report 5/20-5/24

Thursday 5/20/2021

Fresh, east onshore winds greater than 20 knots for most interests in Palm Beach county up through the treasure coast (see below for 3k nam output for 8am Thursday). A lot of texture, bump and chop. Short period, head high to even a tad bigger given your exact location. Keep in mind what the tide does to your break of interest. Partly sunny and dry. Certainly worth the effort if you are seeking a surf and have the time!

Friday 5/21/2021

Fresh 20 knot onshore winds out of the east persist on Friday yielding a similar surf to Thursday. Wind is supposed to back off a touch, but anticipate conditions to be similar to Thursday’s offerings. Should be partly sunny and dry.

Saturday 5/22/2021

East wind chop is the name of the game and will continue on Saturday. Currently the east wind looks to back off more to the 15 knot range. Should provide a fun wind chop in the chest high range. If you were not able to get out Thursday or Friday, you can certainly find a wave today!

Sunday & Monday 5/23-5/24/2021

First “tropical” swell of the 2021 season??? National Hurricane Center has a 40-60 percent chance of cyclone formation in the next five days. Some global forecasting models spin up a hybrid system over the weekend, which would result in a long period NE swell with plenty of fetch to work with. Winds look to calm down by Sunday morning. Onshores 10 knots or so for most of Palm Beach county and the treasure coast. Timing the swell with the down turn in the wind will be key to a clean swell. Swell should linger  Monday. Winds go variable (Palm Beach county) and offshore (treasure coast). Keep em waxed!  

5/20 10am update: Since posting we are now at a 90% chance of development on this system!

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