Kelly Slater’s Ultimate Wave Pool

So it seems like Kelly Slater is at it again, with an unveiling today of his 10 year project to create the perfect surfer’s wave. It looks to be chest- head high, and oil slick, which can’t get much better for performance surfers. It remains to be seen where it is located or what the cost to get one of these things going is, but now that we know it’s possible, hopefully they start popping up in the U.S.!

Check it out here:



1 thoughts on “Kelly Slater’s Ultimate Wave Pool

  1. Web Hosting says:

    Kelly dreamed this up as a kid riding small inconsistent waves in Florida it’s every kids dream to have perfect waves to practice on. If you don’t like his idea it’s quite simple just don’t go where the Kelly Slater waves are end of story.

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