Tropical Storm Phillipe Swell Gallery

Tropical storm Phillipe was semi unique in that it sent a super south swell up our coast, and that rarely happens in the land of Northwest swells. Phillipe formed to the south of Cuba and quickly strengthened to hurricane status before tracking northwest in an almost optimal path right over my house. The forecast with a hurricane or tropical storm that comes too close is always a little all over the place, and wave-height forecasts varied greatly every 4 hours.

Waking up on the day after the storm passed, I grabbed our team member Missy and headed out to check some local beaches in Boca Raton, FL. Lucky for us the stars aligned for good morning conditions, with low tide occuring before dawn, and high tide coming up throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. We checked out the closest spot first, Boca Inlet, which wasn’t really doing it’s thing on this particular morning. Too much swell and too much sand from dredging out in the lineup. Made for some cool photos, but too many closeouts with the direction of swell that was coming in.

After checking there we took a few minute drive north to arrive at a WAY better sand-bottom break, and bombing head high right hand peaks coming through. Every wave was a makeable barrel. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. As always, feel free to share these photos with friends!

Tropical Storm Phillippe - Boca Raton, FL surfSecret Spot -Tropical Storm PhillipeBoca Raton, FL -Tropical Storm PhillipeBoca Raton Inlet -Tropical Storm PhillipeBarrels -Tropical Storm Phillipecloseout left, possible right? -Tropical Storm PhillipeA-Frame -Tropical Storm Phillipenobody out -Tropical Storm PhillipeSurfing Heavy Barrels -Tropical Storm PhillipeCloseout -Tropical Storm PhillipeStormy and clean -Tropical Storm PhillipeLittle Crowded -Tropical Storm PhillipeBoca Raton Inlet -Tropical Storm Phillipe



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