Winter Storm Diego Recap

Ryan Heigel Slotted in Jupiter

It’s admittedly been quite a while since the last post, and there’s been a lot that’s gone on in between. New art, plenty of surf, and new side ventures all presenting themselves along the way. But anyways, we’re here for waves, not the in-between stuff (aka regular life).

Winter Storm Diego in South Florida

Winter Storm Diego started to push off of our coast setting up a plethora of rideable waves in all sizes for both coasts of Florida towards the end of 2018. Down here in South Florida we found multiple days of swell with perfect windows of offshore winds, which most of the East Coast only saw for select timeframes.

While South Florida didn’t see much in the way of waves, a little trip up the coast would provide a multitude of surfing options. All spots North of the Bahamas got days of fun waves, plenty of barrels, and lots of offshores. Heck, even Kelly Slater got in on the action up in New Smyrna!

Here’s our top shots from Winter Storm Diego. Feel free to share with your friends!

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